Saturday, May. 15, 2004 / 11:09 p.m.

~Holing Up, Day One~

It's been a great day, filled with not doing a damned thing, just as I like it.

I did wash an absurdly huge pile of dishes, pots and pans, utensils, cutting board, etcetera etcetera, but that was all I accomplished, besides drinking tea and watching television in spurts.

I remember a few movies I started to watch, "28 Days Later" being the first (could not stomach the zombie action), "Gerry" being another (way too slow), and now "Capricorn One" is the latest I'm not watching.

I also deleted massive amounts of saved emails, both sent and received, and this felt good, but I have hundreds more I need to reconsider.

I even deleted one whole folder of email exchanges between one person and myself, that's one person I'd like to forget. Good start to that.

And another one person seems not to be emailing, which has me scratching my head a bit, but I suppose I'm not for everyone. Seems most people get to know me and don't like what they find out. I'm not totally sure why, but I have ideas. It's okay (she tells herself), no, really. I have not much vested in anyone right now, so very little disappointment shall be coming my way.

And if how it ends is a sudden lack of email, well, how very twenty-first century, and how little it all matters, yes?

This is weird, someone in Europe, looks like Amsterdam (tee hee, I had initially put an 'n' on the end of that, "Amsterdamn"!) (technically The Netherlands), has been linking to this diary from sites that have nothing to do with my diary. Really. Nothing at all. They're in French, and I do read French, and well, no mention of Joleen, none at all. Five times today so far. Most peculiar, mama.

And my favorite part of the first 30 minutes or so of "28 Days Later" that I did stomach was the writing on the wall in the church, "Repent - The end is extremely fucking nigh". I liked that. So much so that I memorized it so I could write it, somewhere.

And today's quote is a Danny Kaye quote:

"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."

I like that so much I want to make it my new motto.

Have I mentioned how much I am loving the 'holing up'? Feels great so far. And I got about 17 hours sleep, total, between falling asleep to Larry King last night, and waking up to go to bed near 2:00, then sleeping 'til 3:30 or so today. And to think I woke with a start around 7:30, thinking it seemed awfully late. This is what an 8:00 - 5:00, Monday through Friday, job will do to a person.

I miss the old days. But, they're gone, and this is now. And I insist there must be something worth watching on TV, there simply must be a movie I can sit through, and more food I should eat.

I'm really hoping I tackle cleaning the bathroom tomorrow. Then the 'holing up' weekend will have been really worthwhile. At least.

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